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Concrete Services in Deerfield Beach, Miami and Fort Lauderdale

Professional Concrete Services in Deerfield Beach, Miami and Fort Lauderdale

In the past few years, we at Koncrete Art Inc seen a dramatic increase in the number of people that want to bring concrete into their living spaces. From concrete countertops to concrete bathtubs and sinks to concrete patios, concrete has proven itself to be a versatile, low-maintenance material. It can be used to add a focal point to a room or to add a sense of gravity or weight. It can be used to add texture, lines, and subtle coloring.

We’ve known this for years and we’re happy that people in Deerfield Beach, Miami and Fort Lauderdale are starting to catch on! And although we offer a wide range of concrete services, we’ve put together a list of our specialties. If you don’t see what you’re looking for listed here, don’t worry. Give Koncrete Art Inc a call and we’ll do our very best to accommodate you! Contact us today at: (954) 478-2700

Concrete Countertops in Deerfield Beach, Miami and Fort Lauderdale

One of our most popular concrete services is concrete countertops. For a long time, granite and quartz dominated the countertop market. But not anymore. With more strength, more variety of color, a greater variety of texture, and ever-growing customizability, concrete is now overtaking granite in both luxury and status.

When it comes to customizability, there’s no comparison. There are a nearly infinite number of concrete mixes that offer an equally infinite number of colors. One of our favorites right now is mixing a little blue or red pigment to create a soft yet luminescent look. Or add shells, stones, and other objects right into your concrete, to create an entirely original look. If you’d like to simulate granite or give your counter an old-world charm, concrete is also the perfect material.

Decorative Concrete Forms

Because concrete is poured into molds, it also offers the possibility of creating many interesting decorative pieces for your home or business. Custom planting pots are a popular option for those who want to bring nature indoors—or for those who want to bring an industrial edge to their exterior landscape design!

We also offer a variety of textured concrete forms that can be displayed in a wide range of locations. From flagstone paths to patios, to decorative wall mounts and veneers, our concrete masters can give your home a unique look that reflects your creativity and personality.

Polished Concrete

Recent advances in concrete technology have changed the way people think of using concrete. It’s no longer limited to industrial uses or to give a modern home the look of an industrial space. Our polished concrete will give your kitchen or bathroom the luxury and status that used to be limited to granite and quartz countertops. We believe granite and quartz are outdated. Concrete is in.

With polished concrete, you can have all the glossy sharpness of granite without any of the seams. Imagine a single, perfectly smooth surface, treated so it can withstand all the abuse that a countertop needs to withstand.

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For these and many more concrete projects, contact Koncrete Art Inc in Deerfield Beach, Miami and Fort Lauderdale today. You’ll love the versatility of our concrete services and the range of our products. Call us today!

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