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Polished Concrete in Miami

Polished concrete is quickly making its way across floors all over the Miami area, and for good reason. Polished concrete floors help you fully realize the many benefits a concrete floor holds. When your concrete or cement floors are polished, your floor is no longer just durable and long-lasting—it is unique, aesthetically pleasing, and even more resistant to damage than before!

Despite concrete floors being durable, you shouldn’t trust any random company with them. It only takes one minor misstep to result in a major catastrophe, after all. You’re better off sticking with Koncrete Art Inc, the team that comes recommended by property owners all over Miami. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at the glowing reviews on our Facebook page!

Our specialty is polished concrete floors, and we stake our success on every job we perform. Do you want a licensed, bonded, and fully insured concrete company who is dedicated to customer satisfaction? Look no further than Koncrete Art Inc. We make other company’s concrete polishing look like a spit-shine.

Polished Concrete Floors Courtesy of Koncrete Art Inc

The benefits to concrete floors are endless. First off, a concrete floor has the smallest carbon footprint of any other structure over the course of its lifecycle. Secondly, they’re unparalleled in their strength and durability. When it comes to resilience they can’t be beat—concrete repairs are always possible!

Though there’s nothing better than a building material that is fire-resistant and doesn’t rust or rot, and it can be hard to see these benefits sometimes. Many concrete floors, for all their benefits, are quite drab and unsightly.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t do something to improve the look of those concrete floors.

Concrete grinding and polishing can give your concrete floors the sleek and shiny finish you’ve always dreamt of. With an aggressive 50-grit diamond resin pad treatment and chemical densifiers, your concrete surfaces are hardened and then treated with special polish.

While other companies might offer a one-size-fits-all approach to polished concrete floors, we encourage creativity. In its unpolished state, concrete is uniformly bleak and uninviting. Koncrete Art Inc’s concrete polish, on the other hand, comes in a wide variety of different colors, shades, and patterns. With our concrete grinding and polishing services, you can make your concrete surfaces stand out or blend in—the choice is yours!

Would you like to hear more about the many creative approaches to polished concrete? Then call Koncrete Art Inc today.

Polished Concrete Questions and Concerns

Don’t be fooled by the sheen of a polished concrete floor. Contrary to popular belief, polished concrete isn’t slippery at all. In fact, polished concrete is less slippery than many flooring systems. This is an added bonus, especially if your concrete floor is located in a warehouse, education center, airport, office building, or shopping mall. Aesthetics are always important, but safety is every company’s top priority!

Protect Your Floors With Polished Concrete

Are you looking to enhance the longevity and lower the maintenance of your concrete surfaces? Call Koncrete Art Inc and ask us about our polished concrete services. We’re always happy to take your call.

If you are in Deerfield Beach and think your concrete could use a resurfacing or repair then you can count on Koncrete Art Inc to get the job done at a fair price.